3D Print with MJF Black Smooth PA12 for Semi-Shiny, Watertight Parts

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  • What qualities make MJF PA12 outstanding for 3D printed industrial parts.
  • Why industrial designers and engineers choose Multi Jet Fusion technology for additive manufacturing.
  • Why finishes like MJF Black Smooth PA12 are popular for end-use goods.
  • The physio-chemical process Shapeways uses to smooth Black PA12 3D printing materials.

Once a 3D model is perfected in terms of design, the next question is what type of technology and materials to use, along with a suitable finish. Shapeways is always hard at work making sure that customers are able to find a perfect match for every product in terms of specific characteristics and project requirements for 3D printing.

MJF PA12 is Suitable for Durable Industrial Parts

3D printing materials like Multi Jet Fusion Plastic PA12 offer outstanding mechanical properties, and a couple of different choices in terms of color and finish too. This material is a great choice for so many industrial applications, including end-use goods which must offer durability for long-term use. Most recently, Shapeways added a smooth and slightly glossy finish for Black PA12.

Black PA12, 3D printed with HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology, is used for supporting complex geometries as well as structures with thinner features. MJF Black Smooth PA12 creates smooth, semi-shiny, and watertight surfaces, sealing Multi Jet Fusion Plastic’s typically matte and porous surface. And since the finishing process is non-line of sight, even the internal cavities of complex parts can be smoothed.

Shapeways also offers MJF Plastic PA12 Glass Beads with MJF 3D printing, used in applications requiring even greater strength.

Vapor Smoothing Improves Surface Finish and Performance

Vapor smoothing is the physio-chemical process responsible for smoothing Black PA12.  This is a popular post-processing method using chemical solvents for smoothing parts that are placed in a sealed chamber filled with vapor. The chemicals cause a melting process which improves the surface and the performance of the part—including those with internal cavities—sealing in a soft shine.

Unlike polishing, vapor smoothing removes very little material while smoothing, maintaining each part’s structural integrity. In short, geometric complexity doesn’t have to be sacrificed for a professional finish. With such precision, MJF Black Smooth PA12 is a perfect option for working prototypes, display models, external functional parts, and high-end DIY projects.

Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing Technology is Powerfully Complex

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is another powder bed fusion 3D printing process, developed by HP Inc. as a progression from their experience in inkjet technology. As powder is deposited across the build area, both fusing and detailing agents help build the 3D printed structure, with each layer fused together via infrared heat.

Industrial designers and engineers tend to choose MJF because of the ability to produce parts with excellent dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties, as well as enjoying the benefit of greater design freedom without a need for support structures. This is due to the stabilizing nature of unsintered powder that gathers around parts during 3D printing. Because there is no need for support structures which may complicate the packing process during production, large volumes of parts can be nested in each build, leading to much greater efficiency in manufacturing. Streamlined packing of parts reduces the height of the build platform, saves materials, and speeds up production overall.

Explore Other Material Options

To get the perfect look and feel for any 3D printed part, check out the  90+ material options that Shapeways offers. Each material listed notes the available finishing options to ensure that your aesthetic parts look good, and your functional parts perform how you need them to in the end. 

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