Hexadrone successfully develops its most popular drone, Tundra, using additive manufacturing.

Posted By on Jul 12, 2021 |

From prototyping to production with Sculpteo, learn how Hexadrone developed its most popular drone, the Tundra, with the power of additive manufacturing.

Who are they?

Hexadrone is a french company specializing in the development of mechatronic systems for civilian and military UAVs. Hexadrone also offers more than 3000 products, OEM parts, and RTF drones via their online platform.

Hexadrone TUNDRA® is a unique 100% modular air vector, configurable using customizable parts to meet every desired application’s needs and adapt to rapid changes in in-flight electronics. Hexadrone has also developed a range of equipment and accessories easily installed on the Tundra as desired.

Their challenges met with 3D printing?

From prototyping to on-demand manufacturing, high-quality, customizable drones, Hexadrone found its success with Sculpteo’s online 3D printing services.

Read Hexadrone’s success story here!

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