BigRep Unveils Four New Materials at FABTECH Chicago

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Large-scale 3D printing provider BigRep has just announced four new materials at FABTECH in Chicago. The new materials show off a range of functionalities and will further enhance the capabilities of BigRep’s Pro, Edge and Studio G2 systems.

BigRep’s new materials include PLX, PET-CF, PA6/66 and BVOH.

The PLX material offers a solution for users that need a fast, reliable and environmentally friendly print. It serves as a general-use, bio-performance filament derived from organic compounds, which is a concept BigRep previously showcased with their eco-screen installation. PLX is most suitable for design and functional prototyping suited in open-environment 3D printing projects. The material is also 80% faster to print than standard PLA with no modifications to the printer, all while offering mechanical properties stronger than that of ABS-printed parts.

PET-CF adds carbon fiber reinforced material to the company’s line of engineering-grade filament. PET-CF is capable of producing exceptionally strong, stiff parts with a fine surface finish and heat resistance up to 100 °C. Designed specifically for the Studio G2, it has exceptional dimensional stability and low moisture absorption.

PA6/66 is a highly durable, lightweight thermoplastic filament with high rigidity and resistance to heat and chemicals. Bringing in a high mechanical strength, it has a lot of potential for various industrial applications like tooling, patterns, molds and end-use parts. This is further bolstered by its high compatibility with machining and the fact that it is functionally similar to Nylon PA6, which is often used for injection molding. PA6/66 is a viable material for batch production, 3D printing end-use parts or building prototypes with quality close to the end-product.

BigRep’s BVOH is a water-soluble support material. It promises easier support removal and post-processing for complex parts. BigRep states that it is particularly good at supporting ‘heavy’ prints.

BigRep has stated that they will add further additions to their material portfolio in the future. For now, these four are bringing a lot of new, diverse functions to the table, allowing users to tap into the possibilities of large-format printing systems. The company will give us all a glimpse of the materials live at FABTECH Chicago from November 11 – 14, 2019.

Image courtesy of BigRep.

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